Spiritual Diary

Paramhansa Yogananda

Spiritual Diary

An inspirational thought for each day.


4 ટિપ્પણીઓ

4 thoughts on “Spiritual Diary

  1. Deepak

    Please send me new thought everyday

  2. chandravadan

    Why the “Spritual Diary” is empty ?
    Please start it with a Thought from your Spiritual Journey.
    Then may you continue that Journey with more Thoughts.
    And is ALL Thoughts are towards that “Param Tatva” then no other Gyan is needed !
    Atul..You were seen often on Chandrapukar before & with your respects as “kaka” posted comments.You are missed ! But, I know you are closer to Him and that is more imortant in this Life. As you continue your Blogging may you enjoy !

    • Kaka,

      Either I should closer to all or closer to none. I can not be partial. Definitely I am more closer to whom who are more closer to me. My door is open for all but I can not go every where every time to deliver or bag the love.

      Thanks for Visit. I ‘ll visit your blog at the earliest.



  3. DR Vipin Shah

    Thanks.Please. send me Inspirational poo rational thoughts every day.

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