Results of Jan Lokpal Survey

12 May (1 day ago)

We had sent a survey questionnaire to you last week in which we asked four questions:

Parliament has 162 MPs with criminal backgrounds. Out of 4,200 MLAs in the country, 1,170 have criminal backgrounds. In addition, there are several with serious corruption charges. Do you think such MPs and such MLAs will ever pass Jan Lokpal Bill?

Out of 34 Central Cabinet Ministers, 16 have serious corruption charges against them. Do you think such a Cabinet will ever pass JanLokpal Bill?

Do you agree that only if people with clean image come to Parliament and Assemblies, JanLokpal Bill will be passed?

Do you agree that Anna should support good candidates with clean image in the elections? (Team Anna will not stand in election – only support good candidates)

We received a sizeable response to our survey. We would like to thank all those who took out time for giving their valuable feedback. The results of the survey can be accessed:

In future also, we would be sending you similar mails to seek your opinion. We hope you would continue to support us!

Warm regards,
India Against Corruption Team
Ph: 9718500606

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